About Yellowhammer Youth

Yellowhammer Youth is a digital space for young people in the state of Alabama to share their stories and experiences through opinion pieces. Our staff of students from across the state believe it is important, now more than ever, to showcase the youth perspective here. That's why we also have a feature for any young person to submit their own opinion piece. Our youth write about varying topics from all political and socioeconomic backgrounds. A lot of Alabama lawmakers want to ignore our voices, but sadly those days are over. Welcome to Yellowhammer Youth.


Isabel Hope - Editor-in-chief

17, Tuscaloosa

Elizabeth Webber - Fact checker

16, Tuscaloosa

Olivia Blanton - Assistant editor/Weekly writer

17, Madison

Aylon Gipson - Monthly writer

17, Montgomery

Jawana Kamal - Monthly writer

16, Tuscaloosa

Jennifer Stroud - Bi-weekly writer

17, Tuscaloosa

Austen Wyche - Monthly writer

14, Madison

Ornesha Whatley - Monthly writer

16, Daleville

All opinions are our own.

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