Road Work Ahead? Uh Yeah, I Sure Hope It Does

Photo by Joie Steele

“Sorry I’m late, there was construction.” That’s a sentence most of us have probably said, or heard, many times in the past couple of years. And there seems to be no escape. 

I live in Tuscaloosa, but I commute to Birmingham frequently and construction is everywhere. All I have to ask is why? Don’t get me wrong I am all for fixing our streets, but why do all of them have to be done at once? If you are adding more lanes to a road because there was traffic, closing all but one of them isn’t going to fix traffic while you spend two years minimum fixing the rest. It wouldn’t be as bad if there were some roads that weren’t being worked on, but there aren’t. Now, when I say being worked on, I use that term lightly. We all know that if there is anyone out there, one person is working and three are just standing there, and that’s the tea. 

We always make fun of one of my friends because of how she drives home to avoid the majority of construction. We end up in all these random places that I honestly had no clue even existed. I swear, I have seen more of Tuscaloosa because of construction, and that is the only positive thing to come out of this so far. Sometimes you end up in some sketchy places and fear for your life for a second. Val, if you are reading this, cut to us the other night screaming because we thought we were going to die.

In all honesty, the roads will be great when they are completed. I just wish they would be completed before I graduate high school, but it probably won’t be done until I am out of college. Heck, by then they probably will have started on something new and the cycle will just continue. 

Joie Steele, 15, Tuscaloosa

Written by: Joie Steele / @joie.steele

Photography by : Joie Steele / @joie.steele

Edited by: Isabel Hope / @isabama / @isabamahope

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