Pride 2019

Photo by Reilly Durkin

As we all know, Alabama has a very well-known image as a right-wing state that doesn’t handle many forward movements well. This past month has reminded me of the beautiful people who fight, in-state, to defend our differences. I am located in Birmingham, where there was a huge pride celebration. Many people came out in the best rainbow wear, fishnets, and drag to happily celebrate each other. During the past few months especially, there has been a nationwide negative disposition toward our state. This embarasses those living here, because some of us actually fight for women to have rights over their own bodies. I got to see these people in action, strutting down the streets living their lives like the incredible free people they are. The amount of support I saw was crazy, because I didn’t expect to see so many different people after what has been happening in our government. It was an awesome experience, one I won’t forget, but I want this to serve as a reminder that there are still fighters here, striving for what we believe in. I hope you all can join in speaking out and fighting with the voice you’ve been given.

Reilly Durkin, 16, Birmingham

Written by: Reilly Durkin / @reillydurkin

Photography by: Reilly Durkin / @reillydurkin

Edited by: Isabel Hope / @isabama / @isabamahope

Elizabeth Webber / @lizflute13 / @elizabethw169

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