Let's Talk About Re-electing Doug Jones

Love Lundy and other High School Democrats of America students with Senator Jones

Senator Doug Jones, who famously beat Roy Moore in the December 2017 special election, is up for reelection in November 2020. When I say that Jones beat Moore, I really mean that the election was extremely close. If it were not for the 1.7% of write-in votes (421 of which went to Nick Saban), Moore likely would have won the election. The problem with this is not that Roy Moore is a republican. The problem is that he stands for what he believes in: homophobia, transphobia, white supremacy, and xenophobia. Moore has called Islam a fake religion, received funding from pro-Confederacy and white nationalist groups across Alabama, and is an avid homophobe, proudly stating on his campaign website that he was “was suspended for upholding the sanctity of marriage as between one man and one woman.” On top of all of this, during the 2017 election, Moore was accused of sexual misconduct with four girls between the ages of 14 and 18

The fact that Moore lost by only 1.5% after being accused of unwanted sexual conduct with underage girls should scare everyone. According to a Mason-Dixon poll about the upcoming Senate race, Doug Jones has a 45% approval rate and a 44% disapproval rate. Surprising for a democrat in Alabama, right? Well, regardless of his great approval rate, only 40% of those polled say they want to reelect Jones, with 50% saying he should be replaced. Other notable polling suggests that Doug should focus on gaining support in south Alabama (where 60% want to replace him) and eastern Alabama (where he has the highest disapproval rate, followed by South Alabama. 

Clearly, Roy Moore doesn’t deserve the shoes on his feet, let alone an opportunity to oppose Doug Jones in the upcoming election. But Moore declared his candidacy again on June 20th, meaning that if he wins the GOP primary, he will be facing Doug Jones again. It would be a major mistake on Alabamian democrats’ part to believe that it will be easy for Jones to get reelected.

Love Lundy, 17, Madison

Written by: Love Lundy / @theblackaltoid

Edited by: Isabel Hope / @isabama / @isabamahope

Elizabeth Webber / @lizflute13 / @elizabethw169

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